Find Time to Use those Sparehandz


I don’t know who it was or where it came from, but somebody  SIMPLY SAID  …”WE”RE ONLY as Strong as our weakest”,…So because IT’s TRUE…. RIGHT HERE, where you are right now, AND Here is where we focus on “strength”  through the pursuit of self-sufficiency, by connecting spare hands and spare time and sharing helpful information and direct links to income opportunities  and “like minded” hobby/enthusiasts and others “discovering”  the value in   “simply sharing their spare “….    Continue reading “Find Time to Use those Sparehandz”


Sparehanz “On-Demand”


App Evolution”

SPAREHANZ started as an idea for an App …But now…

Sparehanz has evolved into more than just an APP… its now an “how to find #sparehanz ” brand that is exclusively spearheading a “cyberlution”  into “finding something” to do in your spare time, anytime at the “spare of the moment” times of the day, any day or night from anywhere, to offer using your mobile phone to make money  or to easily locate and connect with the nearest “available spare hands”. On-Demand .

 Just think for one moment what you could be doing, literally, with your hands right now… As an example, in  an growing list of neighborhoods, towns, city blocks or street across America right now there is someone seeking and someone else providing a ride using an app called UBER.

Sparehanz as an app will work just like the Uber app in that it provides an easy way to find and directly connect with somebody, that is available, nearby, legal document/reference check trustworthy, and is the nearest Sparehanz app user who has either .

1.) Activated themselves as “available to provide” or 2.) Seeking someone for spare hands, assignments, projects and/or independent contractor or employee “full and part-time opportunities/work and/or for bartering” anytime and anywhere as agreed upon.

SpareHanz as a cyberworld formulated brand, features, promotes and embraces the modern technology ways, and means of conducting financial transaction from per to person (non bank fee)  digital methods of using crypto currency.   In the near future all of us will be familiar with and will be using digital wireless mobile gadgets to store/carry our crypto currency and to make easier, faster, cheaper and safer purchases and encrypted payment transactions for person to person, and at retail stores locations and shopping online. With each passing day more people are “realizing and using” digital transmissions to replaces the “paper dollar” bank note. We are on the cusp of storing all personal information and sharing that information through our mobile wireless devices. as more of us  prefer personalized apps to locate and find specific/local food, gift purchases, wardrobe/fashion wears, entertainment/activities, spiritual/religious  and employment/work that match each of our specific interests and unique skills, education and collective  aspirations, physical and mental capacities/capabilities .

SpareHanz is an Affiliate Market website that gives it’s visitors a direct link to becoming a Wealthy Affiliate. Visitors may be interested in On- demand Service Providers, job seeking , self-employment and/or contractor work andc an fill out a profile of skills, aspirations , talents, personal/business  and goals, build a Wealthy Affiliate website (RECOMMENDED)  and  “activate their  “Sparehanz available status” after downloading the app, at the spare of the moment..On-Demand . 

Sparehanz is a blog you can subscribe to or visit “in your spare time”to get information on groundbreaking and trending person-to-person mobile technologies  and direct links to national and business websites seeking to hire Sparehanz user independent contractors/field agents who have “activated themselves available” to conduct legitimate paid per assignment mystery shops, revealed and non revealed customer services audits at local banks and restaurants,  at-home deliveries, property inspections and more, in fact whatever you’d like to offer as an individual independent “on-demand service provider” ,  flexible temporary/on call employee OR just “spare hands help” for a task the options and opportunities are only limited by “what you know how and can do” .

SpareHanz is a “household name” home screen App” that enhances your life and the lives of your neighbors, family members and friends socially and economically because at any given time of the day anywhere in the world, just like your Calculator, Google search, Music Player, and Camera apps that are on the home screen, as soon as you turn on your mobile devise, Sparehanz should be right there too.

Join the cyber world revolution, I call the “cyberlution” into using the Sparehanz app that connects people with people at the “spare of the moment” with all sorts of skills, talents, services, wants and needs instantly.. right along with the emerging On-Demand/Cyptocurrency Economy.   

Using my “Sparehanz”…

So since my last post, my hands have really been busy. The past few days I’ve been doing so much SpareHanz Blog “prep work” for the WP Engine that I haven’t dedicate much time to the  “tightening up of the nuts and bolts” of the SpareHandz app. And if you noticed from the words in the title of this posting,  (oh yeah that’s not a typo),  I HAD to take some time to make some necessary changes. One of the most important things I had to spend time doing, was upgrading and “making sure I clear the name “SpareHanz”. Apparently, somebody else also had this “bright idea” to spell “hands” close to how it sounds when we “say it”, by using the letters D & Z, making it “handz” , soooo I decided to just drop the d and move the z over, and Taah Dahh… (like a bunny rabbit out of a hat)  I’ll still be introducing The SpareHanz App in the near future. ( “hey you know what,  we actually don’t pronounce the “silent d” in the word hands anyway…)

Another thing I been doing with my spare time, is using my sparehanz to  “assemble an online affiliate network database of banners, videos and text links” for The SpareHanz Blog and domain name website to function and operate as a brand.  The plan and goal is to “slowly work out” some kinks of The SpareHanz App by using a limited “test market release” within my affiliated brands, businesses, internet content publishers and entrepreneurs who have their own products and websites, before launching to the mass targeted Android and IOS app user markets.

The SpareHanz app is not just a link to income it is also AN EXCELLENT investment into a technology that both reminds and allows us ALL to SHARE OUR SPARE, so we’re All linked stronger..

I cannot launch The SpareHanz App all alone, It’s just TOO BIG, and hopefully grows to become, TOO BIG to FAIL!…It needs your help and support, and right now at this moment as I’m writing this blog post, I’m thinking and saying to you, “believe me you, there’s something real and good about The SpareHanz app because it is for complete strangers who dare to believe and to do something POSITIVE about the fact that,  We’re ALL only, as Strong as, OUR weakest link…”